On this episode of The Revealing, host Shavon Ayala interviews David Helling, the creator and Director of His Only Son, in theaters now.

This interview goes into various aspects of faith, history, and gives some insight into the hope we should all be feeling about the turning of the collective mindset in our society today. Things may look crazy but there are people, like David Helling putting their life’s work into touching lives in a powerful and uplifting way and the people are responding – you can make an impact and fill up with some hope as well.

Check out the film, pay it forward by buying tickets for those who may not be in as great of a spot as you, or get a free ticket if you don’t have financial wiggle room at the moment, but want to see a film that chronicles the life of Abraham and highlights the pattern of Jesus Christ throughout the scriptures: https://hisonlysonmovie.com



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